Local Farm Fresh Vegetables

Offering the freshest wholesale produce in the market

Do you need a farm-fresh order of produce picked, harvested, and delivered within 24 hours? Van Ooteghem’s Farm & Greenhouse is here. As a family-owned business with over 80 years of quality service, we are able to stock the shelves of local and out-of-state stores with quality produce.

Farm-fresh vegetables and more:

fresh_vegetables•  Potatoes

•  Sweet corn

•  Peppers and onions

•  Cabbage

•  Cucumbers

•  Zucchini

•  Summer and winter squash

•  Fall ornamental’s

We now have on our vegetable stand cabbage, pickles, cukes, zukes, summer squash and tomatoes.
Coming soon potatoes, corn, peppers, sweet corn, green beans, baking potatoes, onions and much more.

Stop in and get the freshness of your veggies.
We harvest everyday so stop in.

Thanks for your business.


A fully GAP-certified farm

You can be confident knowing that Van Ooteghem’s Farm & Greenhouse is GAP-certified and FDA Approved. We adhere to the highest standards of production. Contact us about your needs today, and be sure to ask about our transportation services!