Fruits & Vegetables

Fresh, high-quality fruits and vegetables

Grown locally and harvested from our family to yours, the fruits and vegetables you’ll find at Van Ooteghem’s Farm & Greenhouse have been delighting families in the Essexville, MI area since 1927! The items listed below are samples of the extensive variety of produce you can find here each and every day.

“We offer lots more too”.
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Thanks June

Choose from fresh farm-grown fruits:

berries•  Blueberries and strawberries

•  Gooseberries and raspberries

•  Rhubarb

•  Blackberries

•  Jostaberries and boysenberries

•  Grapes with seeds

•  Grapes without seeds

•  Much more!

Vegetable selections include:

•  Peppers and cucumbers

•  Broccoli and garlic

•  Asparagus and melons

•  Peas and beans

•  Tomatoes and corn

•  Eggplants and Brussel sprouts

•  Cauliflower and cabbage

Fresh, high-quality fruit and vegetable plants

•  Celery

•  Winter and summer squash

•  Pumpkins

•  Gourds

•  Horseradish

•  Sweet potato plants

•  Watermelons

•  Much more!